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Solar repairs and maintenance that don′t cost the earth

Solar System Repairs are a solar panel repair and maintenance company based in Llandudno. We are committed to providing our nationwide customer base with top quality workmanship at affordable prices. Our fully qualified engineers have years of experience working with a variety of solar systems and we guarantee we′ll improve the efficiency and longevity of your existing solar panels.

Older systems fitted with out of date components can easily be retro-fitted with the latest technology to bring a system up-to-date therefore making it more efficient without spending thousands replacing the complete system. Also a lot of systems fitted by get-rich-quick firms who come and go leaving customers with no back-up for service or maintenance, can also be serviced. Smart Energy Systems are a prime example of this and are the main source of our work rectifying the original installation and satisfying the customer. Systems fitted to combi-boilers a number of years ago and which are not fit for purpose, can also be restored into a working and efficient system.

Putting the shine back on your panels

You wouldn′t dream of leaving your boiler year after year without servicing and the same should be true of your solar panels. The harsh British winters can cause a massive amount of wear and tear on your solar system and it′s not uncommon to find cracks, breaks and a host of other problems come springtime.

At Solar System Repairs we offer regular cleaning and servicing of solar thermal units in order to maintain optimum energy output from your solar system. Not only can we make sure your solar panels are kept in proper working order, but we can also detect potential defects and rectify them before they become a serious problem.

Filthy and poorly maintained solar panels means restricted output so if you want to avoid a poor return on your solar system investment, contact us and we′ll start looking after your units the way they should be.

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