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Solar Panel Repairs for the London area

The British winter can be hostile to solar panels. Freezing temperatures, snow, strong winds and increased salt in the air can all contribute to the deterioration of your units over the course of a year.

Panels can easily become blocked or damaged which in turn decreases the efficiency of you solar energy system.

Many solar panel installers offer a guarantee on their work however with so many cowboys operating in the market, you can often find yourself with substandard equipment and no way of getting it sorted.

Solar System Repairs provide repair and maintenance of solar powered energy systems for both commercial and domestic clients throughout North Wales.

Whether you′ve had inadequate equipment installed or your current system has taken a battering over the winter, we guarantee to improve the performance of your existing units. From basic repairs and cleaning to refurbishments and full restorations, we′ll visit the site, assess the problem and give you an honest price for the necessary work.

We never use high pressure sales tactics but instead let our customers do the talking for us. One quick glance at our testimonials page and you′ll see just how satisfied our previous clients have been.

Here′s a sample of the services we provide however should you require anything not listed here, contact us and we′ll do our best to help you.

  • System pressure checks
  • Leak repairs
  • System drains
  • Fill/flush unit installation
  • Replacement pressure relief valves
  • Full system flushes to remove dirt and debris
  • Antifreeze
  • Circulation adjustments
  • Thermal insulation

How Solar Thermal Works:

  • 1. The Cold Water Feed: Cold water enters the hot water cylinder from the mains
  • 2. The Pump Station: Inside a closed loop, fluid is pumped up to a solar panel on the roof
  • 3. Solar Thermal Panels: Fluid passes through metal pipes inside the panel & warmed by the sun
  • 4. Primary Coil: The fluid passes into a coil inside your hot water cylinder heating up the water
  • 5. Secondry Hreating Coil: A second coil inside the cylinder is connected to your boiler and brings the water up to the temperature set on your thermostat

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