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Thanks for your excellent service on my solar hw system. Since having the system fitted in 2005 I'm pleased to have had your number to hand. 'Smart Energy' was a real misnomer! Your modification to dispense with the sluggish electrically activated valves on the hw tank has worked faultlessly.

Please feel free to quote me as a satisfied customer.

Peter Dawson-Jones, Fleetwood

Thank you for the excellent service on my smart energy solar system. It would appear you were correct and that the system had been incorrectly installed from day one. Since you visit 6 months ago, we have enjoyed free hot water (a longer period than we have ever had since the since was installed 6 years ago) and will continue to use your services in the future.

I wish you all the best for the future and would strongly recommend you to any other customers who were let down by smart energy and have been left with a failed system.

Mr Turner, Shropshire

Richard came to our rescue after 2 frustrating years. I can highly recommend him to sort out and service your solar energy hot water system. Our system was installed by a firm called Smart Energy who eventually went into liquidation. Advanced Solar took over the maintenance and proved most unsatisfactory so that our system rarely worked for more than a few months at a time and cost us a lot of money.

Since Richard repaired our installation the system has worked well and we are back to enjoying heated water from the energy of the sun. We are indebted to him for putting back into service a system we were on the brink of ditching forever.

Helen Hoult, Chichester

What a relief to find someone who could competently sort out my solar system after the demise of Smart Energy. After contacting several companies one of whom were a Phoenix company of Smart Energy and who quoted thousands of pounds to replace an allegedly illegal system it was a privilege to have my system restored to working order so I can now enjoy the benefits of my solar system.

Miss Potts, Neston, Wirral

Thanks to you, our system is, at last, up and running. Better still, it′s running perfectly. It′s saving us serious money (oil boiler is oooooooooooooooooofffffffffffff!) with all the wonderful hot water that it′s generating. Thanks also for squeezing us into your visit to the Deep South of Wales; that was very much appreciated!

Best wishes for the continued success of your business. You deserve it!

Charles and Sarah Drury (S-W Herefordshire)